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Interesting Place to Visit in Lombok Island

Information of interesting place to visit in Lombok island such as in Southwest Lombok, South Lombok, West Lombok, North Lombok and East Lombok.

Exploring the villages and its surrounding are interesting choices to make while you are on holiday with your friends, partners and family. It gives you a lot of experiences, new atmospheres, and different sides’ life of the local people with their cultures and traditions handed down from one generation to another that you have never experienced in life. Fabulous panoramas around the villages are visible as well. So do not forget to bring your camera and some amount of money to buy the local products for your beloved souvenirs…


1. Banyumulek is one of the pottery villages and noted for its indigenous clay is being made and known throughout International art world for the enormous elaborately decorated pots. Wandering the streets and seeing the pottery being made and fired using traditional methods. And also making a short visit to see the products being decorated and finished by hand on the back of workshops.

2. Lembar Harbor is just about 20 Km south of Mataram and the main harbor for public ferries to make the crossing to Padang Bai Harbor. This huge natural harbor is surrounded by hills and great scenery.

3. Sekotong is just 45 Km south of Mataram and it is recognized for new tourism area after Kuta, it has a picturesque panorama with large calm bay, white sandy beach and turquoise water. The surrounding sea is filled with colorful marine life.

4. Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Tangkong are sparsely inhabited with their white sand beaches, sparkling clear water peppered with swaying palm trees. They are perfect places to swim, snorkel and relax.


1. Sukarara is one of the weaving villages about 5 KM to the west of Praya heading south to Kuta and has bustling weaving industry which still employs the skills handed down from one generation to another. Also visitors are offered the opportunity of trying the hand at weaving gedogan using simple looms.
This traditionally trained villager produces wide range of fine woven cloths, using cotton, silk or gold and silver to make their genuine designs for which Lombok is now popular.

2. Rambitan and Sade are two traditional sasak villages sitting between the roadside and the rice fields. Offering you to see a glimpse of life especially traditional thatched architectural design of dwellings and the soaring roofs.

3. Kuta Beach is just 45 KM south of Cakranegara and famous for its impressive white sandy beach and great surfing also a good base for exploring the alluring the southern coastline. There is a good variety of accommodation as of home-stays and the mid-range bracket to luxurious Novotel. The people of Lombok call this pristine beach “ Putri Nyale”. Every year in the 10th month of the Sasak Calender (February or March), The Bau Nyale Ceremony is held where the local people gather together at night to catch sea worms by torchlight while singing traditional poetry called “ Pantun”.

4. Mawun Beach, further to the west, nestled Mawun Beach sitting between two hills offering stunning view, pristine white sand, clear blue water and great wave to surf

5. Tanjung A’an is nestled on a cape to east of Kuta Beach. It is an amazing white sandy beach with turquoise blue water and therefore its perfect place to sunbathe and swim.


1. Lingsar Temple: the most sacred Hindu temple belongs to Muslim Wektu Telu, Buddhist and Hindus built in 1714. It was initially based on the prevailing animist beliefs of the time where the animist statues could be seen today. This temple has two holy shrines where the three believers come together to send a prayer for prosperity, fertility, rain, health and success. Perang Topat is an annual festival held at Lingsar featuring a ritualized war with rice cakes which serves as an offering to God.

2. Narmada Temple: It is just 10 km east of Cakranegara and is the Royal Kingly Garden with holy water which has a pool in a shape of Segara Anak Lake on top of Mount Rnjani built in 1727.

3. Suranadi Temple: It is just a few kms north of Narmada and is the oldest and holiest of Balinese Temples in the island founded by Javanese Priest in the 16th –century by the name of “Danghyang Nirartha”. It is ritually used for bathing and locally regarded as the place to obtain holy water for Hindu Cremations. You also can see holy heels living in the pool by feeding them boiled eggs purchased at a nearby stall.

4. Mayura: Royal Floating Court of Balinese Kingdom which was built in 1744 and formerly used by the Hindu Lords as both a judicial court and a meeting place, surrounded by Balinese and sasak statues, making up a unique blend of two cultures and tradition.


1. Pusuk: a preservation forest which becomes a home to many monkeys, most of them are not afraid of coming closer to visitors. This area is ideal for short walks in the hills and valleys with glistening clear cool streams. Before getting to Pusuk, its recommended to buy peanut in nearby local market for monkeys.

2. Gunung Sari: a village which produces bamboo crafts and has been recognized by the national and international art works for its good quality bamboo.

3. Sire Beach: is further north past Tanjung where a tiny sign-posted road branches right off from the main road and takes to white sandy beach with good snorkeling around the nearby coral reef. There are sunning view across to the Gilis and Bali Beyond and this site is also for the Kosaido Golf Course offering a unique, challenging and world class experience for golfers of all levels.

4. Sendang Gile Waterfall lies on Senaru and becomes among Lombok’s most spectacular and the short walk down to waterfall offers dramatic natural scenery and some irrigation and channel crossings. Accommodations and restaurants are located near the entrance to Sendang Gile Waterfall. The next waterfall called “ Tiu Kelep where its water is refreshingly cool for swimming. It is believed that if one Climbs up rocks to the hidden cave behind the falls for every pass behind the waterfall, you take a year off your age.

5. Senaru is an area to be starting point for climbing up Lombok’s Famous Volcano “Rinjani” which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia attracting thousands of trekkers and climbers around the globe annually.


1. Masbagik Village is just 56 KM east of Mataram and known for its best quality pottery with unique designs and its production mostly shipped off to European Countries. The pottery product produced at penakak village

2. Pringgasela: this village in East Lombok is noted for its traditional woven cloth/tenun which is more known as Tenun Gedongan, attrackting many interests from overseas because of their natural look. Its still produced on old looms by skilled villagers

3. Loyok: is just 40 Km east of Mataram, this area and its surrounding are famous for its bamboo crafts. A number of local designs is created by skilled craftrmen working studiously daily on fabulous array of products such as hats, rice buckets and fish bowls. These products are sold and exported to all over Indonesia and offshore.

4. Tetebatu: is located on the southern slope of Rinjani Mountain, is a green and cool mountain retreat with stunning rice terraces, forests and picturesque fields of crops and tobacco. Its perfect place for walking or day trip with lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. People also like to see the local waterfalls and there are several home-stays, cottages, restaurants and small hotels, it is popular venue for European tourists.

5. Selaparang Grave is located at the Selaparang at Peresak Village near Pringgabaya which is about 65 Km east of Mataram. The graveyards of the old ancient Selaparang Kings is considered very sacred by the local people and often visited on every particular occasion. Selaparang is the Oldest Islamic Kingdom from the beginning of the 15th century. This kingdom is used to be Hindu Kingdom and had good relationships with Bali, Java, Sumbawa, Makasar (Goa), and Banjarmasin. These relationships are visible in form of architecture of the buildings which contain the origin of region and its faiths.



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