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Kuta Beach South Lombok Indonesia

Kuta beach south Lombok island is the best-known place on the south coast is Lombok's Kuta Beach (Sometime spelt Kute Beach), a magnificent stretch of white sand and blue sea with rugged hills rising around it, but not much else. It very small development with far fewer tourist than in famous Kuta Beach on Bali, but there are big plans to develop a whole stretch of the superb south coast with luxury hotels. After many years of speculation there are signs something is happening, with the road from Praya completely remade and big new road running to as yet undeveloped beaches. Meanwhile, the low budget Losmen at Kuta are all on limited leases, and seem to trying to get maximum income from minimum investment-some of theme are looking decidedly squalid.

Travelers are reporting some hassles here too. People flock to Kuta for the annual Nyale fishing celebration. Usually falling in February or March each year, with thousands sleeping on the beach. The main tourist season is August and for the rest of year it’s very quite.

Plenty of good waves break on the reefs around here – many supposedly “Secret”. There are lefts and rights in the bay in front of Kuta, and some more on reefs east of Tanjung Aan. Local boatman will take you out for a few thousands rupiah. Go about seven km east of the Kuta to the fishing village of Gerupuk, where there are several potential breaks on the reefs at the entrance of Gerupuk Bay. Again access is by local fishing boat. There’s more breaks further east and west, from Blongas to Serewi, but nearly all require a boat: the charter rate is about 150.000 to 250.000 rp per day. Bigger yacht from Bali do surf charters along the whole of LOMBOK south coast.

Places to stay
- The Novotel Coralia
- Tastur a Boutique Resort
- Kuta Indah Hotel & Restaurant
- Matahari Inn
- Cockato Kuta - Bungalows & Restaurant
- Anda Restaurant & Cottages
- Pondok Sekar Kuning Cottages & Restaurant.
- Pondok Rinjani Agung Cottages & Restaurant
- Pondok Sekar Kuning (Yellow Flower cottages)
- Perama Office - Segara Anak Bungalows & Restaurant

Nyale Fishing Festival
On the 19th day of the 10th month in Sasak Calendar-generally February or march-hundreds of Sasak gather on the beach. When night falls, fires a built and the young people sit around competing with each other in rhyming couplets called Pantun. At dawn the next day, the first Nyale a caught, after which it is time for the Sasak teenagers to have fun. In colorful procession boys and girls sail out to sea – in different boats - chase one another with lots of noise and laughter. The worm-like nyale fish are eaten raw or grilled, and are believed to have aphrodisiac properties. A good catch is a sign that the rice harvest will also be good. 




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